You’re young at heart & love to laugh… Same here! Your glass is half full and you don’t take yourself too seriously. You value great photography because it makes you FEEL something. Your travel plans are harder to realise these days with the little ones in your life but you’re not giving up on them! You’re not worried about a little mud on your shoes. You love to go barefoot, especially down at the beach, and a dip in the ocean cleanses your soul. Music sounds better live and a vintage armchair is way more comfortable than a new one. The sun is your friend. You find it hard to say no to a good glass of Red or a well crafted brew. I’m Dave, and we’ll get along just fine…



My Fam’

My Fam-185

Your Fam’



I smile every time I look at this picture…  Like a smell that transports you somewhere special,
a great photograph should make you feel! Why don’t we make some “Feels” together… I’m up for it if you are…


how we laughed


We’ll hit a special place to you or a secret spot of mine (I’ve got a bunch). It’s gonna be relaxed and fun. I ‘ll connect with your kids on their level, ’cause let’s face it… if they’re not into it, it ain’t gonna happen. I’ll get you laughing, probably at me, maybe drop a couple of poop jokes and BOOM, before you know it, we’ll have some RAD family photos in the bag.

Forget saying “cheese” or sitting up straight… no forced smiles or perfect poses. This isn’t a fashion shoot. Don’t get me wrong… I love a bit of cheese, but normally the dirty socks kind with a good glass of red. Let’s keep it chilled, wear what you love, the clothes you feel yourself in. I’ll give you the freedom to get dirty and laugh out loud. Kiss, hug, tickle, fight… whatever feels good.

$395 covers our session and a typical family investment is between $950 – $2500
Prints, Albums, Wall Art , USB’s all available.

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