Young at heart, quick to laugh, with a glass half full, embracing life with a sense of adventure. Knowing that natural, real, unprocessed photography endures, and can hit you right in the FEELS…where it counts. Not into posing, or worried about a little mud on those shoes, happy to jump a fence for a field of long grass and not interested in sweating the small stuff. Barefoot at the beach… Nature, travel, music are everything. Finding perfection, in imperfection, respecting the rules, but unafraid to break them. Understanding the importance of the “in between” moments… the REAL ones, that count.

There’s no place I’d rather be, than hangin’ with my two boys Xavier and Felix, my soul mate Em and our Kelpie Indie. I’m barefoot, with the sun on my back. Good tunes playing, a well crafted beverage in hand, we’re laughing hard. Good times and good people is what I’m all about.


Growing up in the burbs of melbourne, I felt uninspired and without direction. At 21 I took off OS with with a mate. We had one way tickets to Athens, a UK working visa and no idea. This trip changed my life.

In Turkey, I met a girl from Adelaide. I moved into a share house with her in London. We fell in love and have been together ever since. We spent the next 7-8 years travelling, working, saving, travelling… through South East Asia, Southern Africa, UK, Middle East, Europe, Northern Africa, Central America, South America… This was when I discovered photography.

In 2007 on our last big trip, I proposed beneath a glacier in the peruvian Andes. She said YES. We settled in Adelaide, where I started second shooting for Luke Simon on weekends. He mentored me and is now a great friend. He employed me full time to shoot weddings for his studio. I had a hunger to learn and improve. I still do. I’ve fallen in love with light, while still learning to see in new ways every day. My two young boys help with this, by keeping me young at heart and psyched for the little things.

My journey so far has taught me a great respect for the diversity in people, place and culture. We all see the world differently.  Many of the things I love about travel I’ve rediscovered in wedding photography. Meeting and connecting with new and diverse people, experiencing their family culture, and finding that every family has it’s own sort of mini culture unique to them.

No two weddings are ever the same and they rarely go completely to plan, but that’s why I do it.