Hey Dave…. what do i wear?

I’d recommend clothes, but totes up to you. Nah seriously, clothes… but the ones you feel most comfortable in. Be you, cause that’s who you are. If that means hot pink crocs with dungarees and a cravat, then so be it. Just not the whole family in matching blue jeans with with white tees if possible… you know what I’m talkin’ bout.

What’s the damage?

$295 covers our session. Then digital packages start at $495

But DAVE… I’m a very busy bee! How long is this whole deal gonna take?

Don’t worry, I get it… family life is hectic and it’s hard to find time, so we can have this shoot of yours all wrapped up in under an hour if need be. Every family is different though and we can move slow too…

What sort of turnaround time can I expect on my photos??

In true speedy Gonzalez style, you should have your gallery up within 2-4 weeks max.

Ohh (insert Kiwi accent) sweet as!… What choice timing… all the extended family is over from NZ bro!
Can they come along too?

No way Jose… The session fee includes Mum, Dad and the Kids – or any combo of those three elements of course! We want to focus on your little family unit and the special connections within that! That said… we can always work something special out.

Aaaaaargh… I’m scared my kids won’t behave, we’ll just be wasting our time and money!

Your kids don’t need to smile on cue, or jump through any hoops. Let them be themselves and we’ll go at their pace, make it fun with no pressure, if one kid’s melting down, I’ll focus on another. A crying kid is only one poop joke away from hysterical laughter. I’ll bring a relaxed, fun vibe to connect with your kids on their level.

We can’t stand Dad Jokes and refuse to sit down outside in case we sully our designer attire… are we a good fit?

Probably not…
Dad –  “have you heard about that new movie Constipation?”
Kid – “Ahhhhm, No?”
Dad – “Yeah, it never came out.”