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"You were so amazing on Saturday and made us feel so comfortable and at ease. You are genuinely such a legend and we were/are so lucky to have had you as our photographer!"

"Our entire bridal party and parents absolutely loved you and were raving the next day, and we also had so many people throughout the night say what a legend you were - so we really can’t thank you enough!"

Kate & Sam

OMG - WOW! We are absolutely blown away with these photos, they are so amazing, so magical. Definitely captured the feeling of the day so well.

Scott and I are both in bloody tears after watching this!!!

Thankyou soooooo much!

We are so grateful for these amazing photos and appreciative of your time and craft. Legend.

Jo & Scott


We just got back from our honeymoon, and this absolutely hit the spot to cure our wedding withdrawals. Thank you so, so much!

Thank you so much for capturing the day. All our parents and bridal party remarked that no-one worked harder than you all day - you really were a non-stop wedding ninja!

Tessa & Yang

Thank you so much for everything, the photos are perfect, absolutely captured the day and us perfectly and brought back all the feels.

I can’t sing your praises enough, working with you has been AMAZING and I can’t thank you enough for your work!

Thank you so much you captured the day so perfectly and we'll be forever singing your praises and be recommending you to everyone!

Kate & Richard


Thank you so so much for everything on Sunday. Keeping us on task and putting up with wrangling all the family..What a weapon!!  

We had the best time and loved that you got in there and didn’t shy away from the crowd.

We have had multiple comments on how good you were and you didn’t even know you were there. They loved you getting into the Dfloor.

Thank you so much!! Xx

Carlie & Jason

Dave - Wow wow wow!!!!!!

We laughed, cried and smiled all at the same time!

Watching the slideshow certainly brought back all the emotions and feels from our special day!

We feel so so lucky and so grateful for having had yourself as our photographer to capture those moments in such unique and special way. We could not have asked for better photos!

They are incredible, absolutely AMAZING!! THANK YOU!

We would absolutely love to see the gallery whenever it’s ready and hear about the album options! :) :)

Thank you Dave!

Marcela & Matt

WOW we could not be any happier. It is like re-living the day seeing the photos, we honestly don’t know how you capture all of the emotion but you do and it is just perfection.

We love that you’ve not just captured the moments but captured the feelings in the moment. They are just stunning!!!!!

The best decision we made was picking you to capture our day. We can’t thank you enough!!

Oh my god we LOVE them!!

Thanks so much Dave :)

Katelyn & Tom

I wanted to share another massive "thank you" for your amazing efforts on our wedding day. We had such an amazing time and we were so grateful to have you there not only capturing the moments but also providing a bit of time-management and motivation where it was needed.

Your energy is amazing - I'm sure you don't stand still for any longer than the click of the camera lasts and then you're in the next position. It was so clear that you put every ounce of yourself into your work, and we really appreciated your total commitment and enthusiasm.

These are honestly amazing! I am over the moon!

Thank you!

Jessica & Josh

"AH-MAZING!!!!! You have absolutely captured US, I am absolutely speechless... I can't stop smiling remembering how much fun we had!"

Jenna & Lachie


What can we say….


We are in awe. The photos are so good! We have already picked out a few favourites!!

We absolutely cannot wait to share these with our family and friends.

We want to thank you so much, for showing our best sides in these photos. Your laidback nature and professionalism throughout the whole process of engaging you as our photographer was so wonderful and we are so thankful for your skills.

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough!!

Robyn & Matt

Dave, the photos are AMAZING! Thank you so much. We literally watched the slideshow 3 times in a row!!

You really captured so many beautiful moments. Sneaky too,  we had no idea you were taking some of them! We especially love the ones where you managed to capture the pure joy on our faces and our families faces. Ah so many favourites!

Such art and skill to capture all of those feelings and emotions in a single photo. You made us feel really comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera on the day and it definitely shows in the photos. The photos are very GOUDA. ;)

Michelle & Tim


Thank you so much!! This has absolutely made my day!!

You have done an amazing job, stunning stunning photos.

That photo of our dance on your Instagram is FANTASTIC, way to absolutely capture a moment with everyone's faces in the background, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!  

Rachel & Charles

Dave!!! These are absolutely stunning!!!!

We have watched this about 25 times with happy tears!!

So fantastic, THANK YOU! We can't believe how well you captured the vibe of our day :) :)

Alex & Chris

Wow Dave! You’re a magician mate!

We couldn't be happier....amazing photos! And so well put together to capture our perfect day ❤️ Thank you so much!!

Jake & Kate

They’re amazing!

Thank you so much! It 100% reflects how amazing our day was from start to finish. Can’t thank you enough they’re so good!
You’ve captured some hilarious, crazy, amazingly happy moments ❤️ Soo goood!!!! Yesss

Cassie & Matt

Hey mate, took me a few days but just wanted to say how thankful both Mae and I are for your contribution to our special day,

You made us both feel like old friends.

Everyone I have so spoken to about the wedding has mentioned you, how hard you worked on the day but also how you were always there but not so there that people felt uncomfortable!

Mae & Oliver

We CANNOT wipe the smiles off of our faces.

How truly grateful we are to you for capturing these precious moments which we will be able to hold onto for life because of you and your wonderful work... thankyou sooooo much!!! And this was just the preview...woweee.


The tears are streaming down my face as I write this (happy tears of course!). We cannot thank you enough.

We LOVE it!!!

Thank you so much

Jo & Brad

Dave Pascoe

Masterfully extracting joy from your face and liberating the authentic you

But I’m so awkward in front of the camera!

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